Alibaba’s AI Deters 300 Million Hacking Attempts

Alibaba AI

Alibaba’s founder and former CEO Jack Ma said the company’s payments arm, Alipay, faces over 300 million hacking attacks every day, but it hasn’t suffered any problem. Alipay has one billion users and handles $50 billion worth of transactions every day and thus a target of cybercriminals.

Unfortunately for them, the Chinese eCommerce giant’s AI, which stands for Alibaba Intelligence, recognizes all forms of internet crimes and can deter every single one of them before it occurs.

“We teach the machine all the ways people cheat. The machine remembers over millions of ways of cheating, so when we start the cheating, the machine already knows you are cheating. In this way we are protecting all the technology.” – Jack Ma, Founder and Former CEO, Alibaba Group

Everything boils down to a trustworthy machine

alibaba logoIn February this year, Alibaba faced a major cyberattack attempt that could’ve put the accounts of 20 million users on its Taobao eCommerce site at risk. The company said it managed to detect the attack “in the first instance.” Ma said collecting a large volume of customer data was an important step to developing a security system that can detect the bad guys.

He added that between a machine and a person, he would entrust his personal data to the former because it cannot be swayed or influenced. It only cares about whether a person does good things or bad things.

Ma graced the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore earlier this week and was awarded the Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship. He retired from Alibaba last month and was succeeded by Daniel Zhang as chief executive.

What do you think of the advanced capabilities of Alibaba’s AI? Is this sort of technology good for the future of online payments and banking? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join our Facebook Group.

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