ActiveCampaign Releases Free Tool to Uncover Lost Revenue for eCommerce

ActiveCampaign today released a free calculator to uncover how much money eCommerce businesses are losing from items left in shopping carts, unpurchased.

Many eCommerce businesses don’t know how much money they are losing because of items left in the cart.

The Abandoned Cart ROI Calculator is a free tool that helps these eCommerce businesses quickly uncover these opportunities for more revenue.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Over 75% of consumers abandon a cart when shopping online. That means as an eCommerce company there is a lot of potential revenue left on the table.

But it doesn’t have to be. According to ActiveCampaign, statistics show that when shoppers receive an email about their abandoned cart, more than 10% complete their purchase.

ActiveCampaign makes it easy to integrate an eCommerce store directly to the merchant’s marketing efforts so they can automate emails to their customers, encouraging them to complete a purchase, and increase revenue without creating more work.

“It’s our goal to help those just getting started realize value as quickly as possible, and that’s why we’re offering the Abandoned Cart ROI Calculator for free. But there’s more to it than just realizing the potential for more revenue. By leveraging the power of automation, eCommerce businesses can integrate their eCommerce store to ActiveCampaign to automatically send emails when items are left in a cart, send customized promotions based on customer behaviors and purchases, track order fulfillment, and more.”

Jason VandeBoom, Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign

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