7 Rules to Avoid social media Catastrophes

Social media problem avoidance

Social media can be considered as a minefield. One wrong move on any social media channel could mean bad publicity for your brand.

Getting into an argument, using a funny meme that may offend other people, or even promoting your business during a natural disaster can tarnish your brand. But how do you avoid these things?

Internet Entrepreneur and founder of Nightwatch Aljaz Falmut wrote a guest post for Volusion on this very subject.

We have included a summary of the 7 best tips below.

Here are 7 best tips on how to avoid catastrophes before they happen.

Rule #1: Avoid Any Arguments
One of the aims of interacting through social media is to improve your customer’s experience. According to Volusion, at least 70% of people say that they would recommend a brand to others if they have a good social media experience, so you will need to be active in the comments section every now and then.

Rule #2: Always Share Quality Content or Deals
Keep in mind that content is important on social media and that you need to be consistent in sharing good content to readers to raise awareness of your brand. Brands use social media to converse with their followers and build relationships.

Rule #3: Be Consistent with Your Presence
Creating and uploading content on social media each day is difficult. However, people will soon forget you if you disappear for days and even weeks on end. It will be very difficult for you to regain the momentum and engagement that you had when you were starting.

Rule #4: Create Unique Content
Native content that’s specific to a certain social media platform People expect to see different types of content on various platforms. The essence of your message can be the same on all your social media accounts, but the way that you present it must be specific to each platform.

Rule #5: Create Fresh Content
Thinking of fresh content every time can be very tiring. However, it can be as easy as just finding articles and images that your target audience will appreciate. Just make sure that you like what you’re about to post and that your followers can learn something from it.

Rule #6: Use Native Videos on Each Platform
Videos that are native to a certain platform gets more engagement than pasting links from other sites like YouTube. Most people prefer to be able to just click on the video rather than clicking the link that takes them off Facebook.

Rule #7: Use Boosts Wisely
Identify which posts need some boosts. Open your Facebook Page insights tab and see the one with the best engagements. These are the ones that you should be boosting.

Keeping these things in mind can help you boost your engagement on various social media platforms. Remember to keep your cool, be positive and bear in mind who your target audience is.

Share your experiences down below if you have any other tips on how to handle your social media accounts.

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