6 Easy Steps to Using Instagram for your Business

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Social media plays a crucial role in marketing. Instagram is one of the best tools to use for internet marketing campaigns for your business. However, not all people do realize the true value of the platform.

There are some who initially think that Instagram won’t produce any results and would result to closing their accounts. But if you’ve never tried to use Instagram or have tried and failed, now is the best time to learn how to use it for your business.

Captivating Instagram Pictures Can Lead to Better Follower Engagements

Visuals that can catch your target market’s attention can lead to increased engagement. That is why a solid Instagram account can help you build a better social media following and even lead to a much higher revenue for your business.

1. Your Instagram Profile

A lot of business owners create their Instagram accounts without correctly setting up their profile—which is why so many businesses don’t get successful with Instagram. Use your company logo to let your target market identify your brand right away.

Your account name should also be in text and use your company’s name for your username. You can also add your website’s URL to let your customer’s have access to your website. Lastly, create a complete bio and let people know what you offer.

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2. Build Your Community

A lot of business would tend to buy followers or even use other shady tactics to increase their following. However, you must see it in a much larger scale.

You don’t just want followers, you want to have people who will be your brand advocates and engage with you and your business, not robots.

3. Use Hashtags

Now that you’ve already started building your brand’s community, it’s time to know how to use hashtags effectively.

Your community members will use hashtags which will increase your presence on Instagram. You can even create a branded hashtag and include it in your bio. This will let your community know what hashtag to use when they want to communicate with you.

4. Learn How to Strategize

Learn how to create two different types of strategies on your Instagram account. First, learn how to create an overall strategy that you’ll use for all your Instagram campaigns. Then, create a strategy that you’ll use for your individual campaign.

This strategy will change from one Instagram campaign to the next. You should know your goals and then create a story from there. Reaching out to influencers may also help you to create a brand’s story.

5. User Ads

Choose between an image, video, or even some carousel adds that has a clickable call-to-action with your ads. You can also keep tracks of the clicks to see how your ads are working for your target market.

6. Create Promotions

Have a little fun with your promotional posts. You can include pictures of fans or influencers who are using your products. You can even use Instagram’s grid layout post to show your products.

You can use these tips to build your own community and become your own influencer. Get started using Instagram and start growing your business. Comment down below if you are successfully using any other social media platform for your business.

For almost 10 years Dave has been involved with eCommerce with a particular interest in the marketplaces and the huge opportunities available for sellers when utilizing a multi-channel strategy. After a year of being the UK’s youngest eCommerce consultant it was the opportunity to start UnderstandingE with Matt Ogborne showing the world how to utilize Magento as the Third Generation of Multi-Channel software. Dave also recently started a YouTube channel called the Manc Entrepreneur (click YouTube icon link below to watch Dave's videos) where he discusses all things eCommerce and entrepreneurship aimed to help young entrepreneurs get started on their own journey. When Dave isn’t working his main interests include, Technology, Cars and throwing himself off high things into water.


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