4 Tips to Create More Effective Video Ads for Instagram

Publishing video ads on Instagram is a great way to reach out to the over 400 million users that it boasts. But first you need to know how to create effective video ads for Instagram – to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

As tricky as it may seem to come up with effective video ads, there are a few really good tips that you could use as a starting point.

Focus on Creating Ads that Blend In

People don’t like ads – that’s a fact. And because of that if your Instagram video ads look too much like actual ads, they’re probably going to be skimmed over.

That is why your focus should be on creating ads that don’t really look like ads, and blend in naturally on Instagram feeds. Try to avoid anything that is too promotional, and definitely don’t try a ‘hard sell’ approach.

If you can create video ads that look and feel organic, they’re likely to get a lot more attention from users on Instagram.

Take Full Advantage of the First Few Seconds

Make no mistake you don’t have very long to convince Instagram users to watch your videos – a couple of seconds at most. It is essential that you take full advantage of that time to grab the attention of viewers and make them interested in continuing to watch your video ad.

To do that you should always make sure your video has movement in the first few seconds to catch peoples’ eyes as they scroll across their feeds. Avoid any lengthy introductions, and get right to the point of the video.

Use the first few seconds to incorporate a hook of some kind, to help get viewers interested.

Add Captions to the Video

Captions are important in any video ad – or any Instagram video in general for that matter. Not only can they help grab the attention of viewers, but more importantly they can help your video deliver its message without relying on audio.

As you’re probably aware Instagram content is muted until users tap on them to enable the audio. That means that any audio you have at the beginning of the video is likely to never be heard – and the rest may not be either.

Be sure to use captions sparingly but strategically to help viewers to understand your video’s message. It doesn’t matter if it is a conventional video or one recorded using a screen recorder Mac – the right captions at the right time could significantly increase its engagement.

Test, Track, and Optimize

Always monitor the analytics when you run video ads on Instagram and track engagement rates, conversions, and other metrics. That can help you to gain insight into what your audience responds to.

On top of that you should run tests with different versions of the same ad. If you do you can optimize your video ads further – and truly make sure you’re investing in the most effective version of it.


Make no mistake there are lots of other ways that you will want to optimize and improve video ads for Instagram – but the tips listed above are an excellent starting point. Use them as a foundation, and then look into further improvements that you can make that allow you to reach and engage more viewers.

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