4 Most Effective Ways to Market Your Etsy Store in 2019

The total volume of sales on Etsy is growing at an astounding pace reaching over $3.25 billion now as opposed to $314 million in 2010. However, such growth of the platform means more competition for retailers. Therefore, today you need to be very proactive and efficient in marketing your Etsy store. The best methods to use for this in 2019 are email marketing, word of mouth promotion, and allying with other Etsy sellers.

4 Best Marketing Methods to Promote Your Etsy Store in 2019

1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is definitely one of the most effective promotion methods for small retailers on Etsy. But it’s also a challenging one to implement, especially if your budget is limited. In order to generate more business through your existing customers you need to actively encourage them to share information about you. And you need to do this in a way that will boost not only leads but conversions. Therefore, you have to provide people an incentive to encourage their friends to make a purchase.

The best ways to do this are:

  • Start a referral program offering discounts to buyers who bring you more customers.
  • Launch a campaign offering a discount for your loyal buyer and a friend they bring.
  • Launch contests that encourage sharing your ads on social media with a prize for a randomly selected winner.
  • Offer positive feedback to each of your customers who mentions your shop in their own posts.
  • Invite loyal customers to become brand ambassadors.

2. Email Marketing

Etsy store owners often make the mistake of overlooking email newsletters as a method of contacting their customers. However, as highlights this email strategy guide for online retailers, email marketing offers the highest ROI compared to SEO, keyword ads, banner ads, and internet displays. You get roughly $40 for every $1 spent. Therefore, investing in email marketing software and content to fill your newsletters with can be a huge boon to your business.

The guide can teach you how to set up an email marketing campaign right. However, Etsy retailers have an additional challenge when using this tool. That challenge is content generation as you need to not only provide updates about new products and sales in your shop. For email marketing to be effective, you have to fill your emails with valuable content, like how-to guides, basic DIY lessons, ideas on how to best use your products, etc. These emails have to be frequent (1-3 per week) and versatile.

3. Allying with Other Sellers

Etsy Teams is an excellent service that helps retailers connect with each other and share tips on how to market their shops. However, for effective marketing in 2019, you need to not only use the shared knowledge of your peers.

You should also ally with other sellers that offer products which complement yours. Note that you need to reach out not to competitors but to those who will benefit from pairing up your products with their own. Then, launch a campaign of offering special kits of combined products. This will give you access to your new partners’ audiences and increase all of your reach.

You can take this idea further and launch a subscription box strategy. This can give you access to an audience, which goes beyond Etsy, thus taking your retail business to another level.

4. Etsy Search Optimization

You should never forget that in order to boost your shop’s chances for being found you need to optimize it for Etsy Search specifically. This type of optimization isn’t the same as regular SEO for Google Search. Therefore, you need to study the Seller’s Handbook and understand the protocols used by Etsy and how to make your products more visible for them.