3 Reasons why an email list is important for business

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If you have even dabbled in an online venture, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “The money’s in the list.” In other words, after years of expert testing in the field of online marketing, no other medium brings in as much profit as email. In fact, you won’t find many, if any, entrepreneurs that disagree. But you might be wondering why this is true. After all, social media marketing is at an all-time high, with almost everyone in the world active on at least one platform. Believe it or not, though, there are some sound reasons why email marketing is still number one.

To build relationships

Building relationships with your customers is one of the most important things you can do. This is because trust is the number one key to a successful career in sales. Businesses continually struggle to build and maintain this trust, but an email list is a great way to personalize your communication and even carry on conversations. It also allows you to offer a premium level of customer service and get an idea of exactly what your customers want. The main things to remember in building customer relationships are to put your customers first, give more than you take, and be quick to respond.

To maintain control

Actively building or purchasing your email list gives you more control over your audience than other channels, namely social media. For example, if Facebook suddenly shuts down, your list would go with it. But if you manage your own subscriber list, on the other hand, you can always contact them, no matter what. But even if all your current social media platforms remain active, you could still get penalized or suspended and lose a large amount of your audience. Take Jeff Bullas, for example, a popular blogger who had over 20,000 Twitter followers. He was inexplicably suspended from the platform and had to fight to get reinstated. And it happens more often than you think.

It’s also important to remember that social media platforms have the right to change things up whenever they wish. And if you’ve used them for marketing in the past, you already know that their algorithms do change quite frequently. In fact, experts state that only about two to three percent of your Facebook audience sees any given post you share. But with an email list, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get your message to their inbox if you send it. And even if they don’t all open your emails, the percentage of the ones they do is still probably higher than two to four percent.

Email subscribers want what you’re offering

The people on your email list made a choice to be there. They already like what you have to say and have proven they want to be actively engaged in your business. This is important because people hate getting spam in their inboxes. That means they’re far pickier about who they allow to email them regularly than who they follow on social media.

So, what does this mean for your business? It means that when you send your subscribers an email with an offer to purchase a product, they are more likely to want to buy it because they’ve consciously subscribed to your messages. Unlike all the dozens of ads they see in their feed every hour, your email is more personal. It comes from someone they’ve already shown an interest in. And they’re probably more interested in what you have to sell or what you recommend than they are in a random ad they’ve seen scroll across their screen.

Whether you run a boutique in Dallas or offer electrical services in Marlboro, your business can benefit from an email list. Not only can email lists help you build stronger relationships with your clients, but you can use them to better spread the word about promotions or special offers. Start building your email list as soon as possible, and consider purchasing highly-tailored lists from experts to jump start your email marketing efforts.