eBay Confirms Seller Performance Standards Will Not Be Impacted by USPS Delivery Delays


USPS announced changes to its service standards adding one day to most First-Class Package and Priority Mail transit times. eBay is updating its estimated delivery times where needed to accurately reflect this change USPS communicated today. Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis eBay said it maintained steady communication with the United States Post Office and will continue […]

USPS Announces Delivery Expectation Changes for First-Class and Priority Mail

USPS vehicle parked in residential neighborhood

On Friday, the U.S. Postal Service announced changes to delivery expectations for First-Class and Priority Mail due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis impacting many communities in the United States. Priority Mail’s two and three-day service commitments now will be extended to three and four days, respectively. Customers will continue to receive end-to-end visibility and […]

eBay and Activist Investment Group Starboard Value Call a Truce – For Now

eBay San Jose Circa 2018

eBay and one of its largest and most vocal shareholder investment groups, Starboard Value LP, called a truce in their ongoing battle over the future of the company. Following the hiring of Jamie Iannone as eBay’s new CEO, Starboard has withdrawn its nomination of director candidates for election at eBay’s 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. […]

Boosting Brand Awareness of an Ecommerce Venture

Boot Brand Ecommerce

Businesses that are looking to become sustainable need to focus more on just a sheer number of sales. In the world where trends are dictating where one spends his or her money, it is imperative to have a presence on as many different channels as possible. Brand awareness plays a prominent role, and it can […]

U.S. Postal Service How to Receive Approval for Shipping Sanitizer Products

USPS Sanitizer Exemption Authorization

The U.S. Postal Service prohibits mailing sanitizer products using the mail service except for tiny quantities via surface transportation in domestic mail. However, to better support USPS shippers during this period of increased demand, mailers can obtain an exception through the Manager, Product Classification, to increase the quantity of sanitizer items containing ethyl and isopropanol […]