Amazon adds 15 more freighter aircraft to its air network fleet

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon continues to invest in ways to provide fast, free shipping for customers. At the International Paris Air Show, the company announced a partnership with GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) to lease an additional fifteen Boeing 737-800 cargo aircraft. These fifteen aircraft will be in addition to the five Boeing 737-800’s already leased from GECAS […]

New Ecommerce Report Finds 90% of Shoppers Leave Without a Purchase Due to Slow Sites

Yottaa, a Cloud platform for accelerating ecommerce, announced the publication of a new research report titled, “2019 Retailer Website Performance Evaluation: Are Retail Websites Meeting Shopper Expectations?” The research, which was conducted by Retail Systems Research (RSR), evaluates 80 major retail websites on page speed performance and shopper experience, and includes survey results from 1,300 […]

Ideas to get some passive income

These days, a job just does not cut it. Especially if you like to spoil yourself a bit. As they say, money makes the world go round, and there is never enough of that. Not to mention that creeping anxiety that questions whether everything will be fine in terms of your financial stability. Generating passive […]

How material of a website affects its SEO

We all know the most commonly used terms in SEO revolve around keywords, brainstorming, and the content of a website, which plays a vital role in ranking it. The whole material of a website is based on relevancy, and if there isn’t any, then Google can penalize for providing incorrect information. This happens mostly when […]