Amazon to Provide FBA Sellers Details to Massachusetts Department of Revenue


Breaking news from Amazon USA this afternoon that the Department of Revenue in Massachusetts has demanded that they hand over the third party sellers details  “who stores, or who has stored, any tangible personal property in any location in Massachusetts that is, or was, owned or leased by Amazon Retail LLC or any other affiliated entity […]

Machine Learning More Accessible With New Google Service

Google has announced its new Cloud AutoML in its alpha phase. That means that the service is still being tested internally and won’t be for release just yet. However, for those who want to build their own custom models from it, that is already good news as it means that the service is on its […]

Etsy Introduces Basic Financial Tools to App

Etsy upgraded their Sell on Etsy app to add a few financial features to help sellers manage their selling account on-to-go. The two core additions are: Deposit Balance – Sellers can now view their current deposit balance, so they know exactly how much money they can transfer to their bank. The app also allows for […]

Consumers Won’t Likely Complete Purchases on Smartphones


Cart abandonment is a reality for online shopping. Just as it is easy to purchase, so it is easy to leave without completing a purchase. A recent study has found that cart abandonment is more likely to happen when people are using smart phones and tablets. The study was made by the University of East […]