Twitter Doubles Character Limit (for Latin Based Alphabets like English)

Marketers rejoice (maybe). You may soon have double the character limit for languages based on Latin alphabets (such as English). That is about every western alphabet and excludes languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). Starting this week, some accounts will already have the character limit increased. You will need to login to your Twitter […]

Target and Pinterest Collaborate on Image Search

Image: Target

Target Stores and Pinterest have teamed up on an exclusive partnership to bring image search to Visual search technology is becoming the new trend as smartphones and cloud-based AI systems can interact to provide fast and accurate search results just from a picture. Earlier this year eBay announced they are introducing image search to […]

Alibaba Gateway 17 Toronto Canada Recap

Earlier this year, Alibaba hosted a two day event Gateway 17 in Detroit. We reported on it in detail then. This week Alibaba hosted the same style event, also dubbed Gateway 17, in Toronto. But this event was slightly smaller, only lasted one day, and included a Chinese tourism component not really discussed at the […]

Etsy Marketing Section Includes New Free Shipping Offer

Image: Etsy

Etsy announced they are improving the marketing section in Etsy’s Shop Manager to make it easier for sellers to offer free shipping. While marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay have been pushing for free shipping, Etsy has not been as pro-active in promoting free shipping to sellers. There have been numerous surveys and studies that […]