10 Freelancers to Help Scale Your Ecommerce Business


Building an eCommerce business entails a lot of work, from creating your own website and finding products to sell to managing inventory and conducting marketing efforts. Each of these tasks requires different skills. If you think you can master all of these in no time, then you’re in for a surprise.

In reality, it takes years to do so, and your business can’t wait that long. In any case, you will eventually have to start delegating tasks to the right people if you want to grow.
Instead of trying to do everything on your own, you could be more efficient if you outsourced tasks to expert freelancers.

Top 10 Roles For Your Business

Here are 10 freelancers that you can use to scale your eCommerce business so that
everything gets done by experienced hands and your time is free to work on what you know best.

1. Web and Graphic Designers

Your website represents your brand. A web designer isn’t just there to help you build your first eCommerce store. They are critical in building your brand’s image as well. By experience, customers gravitate towards the more professional looking online stores. That is why hiring a freelance designer is essential for your business.

Designing is a right brain ability and not everyone has it. Great graphic designers have the skills and more importantly, the “feel” for good design. It is important that you hire the right graphic designer who will create on-point materials for your brand when you start marketing on different online channels and platforms.

2. Software Developers

Developing efficient business processes can get you a long way ahead in the eCommerce arena. Aside from the front-end design that your website needs, you also need to invest in developers that are able to build customer-friendly processes for your e-store.

Software experts are widely available across the freelance marketplace. A great tip is to consult a freelance platform that specializes in the IT/software development field. Check out some places that practice applicant pre-vetting. This way, you can make sure that you will get the right candidate for your business.

3. Content Writer

If your website doesn’t have a blog right now, you are missing out on potential traffic to your eCommerce business. Content is KING because it helps you target the right audience and acquire great leads that convert to sales. If you cater to a specific niche, blogging is most useful to establish authority in your field. You can also build your own community of followers and customers.

More than blogs, content writers also prove to be valuable in creating all kinds of significant content for your business. Your homepage, for example, has to be catchy and informative at the same time.  Marketing emails need to be written creatively and strategically. Newsletters, social media posts, text for your online ads – a content writer can help you with all of these.

4. SEO Specialist

Computer coding screen

SEO and writing goes hand-in-hand. Quality content gets you followers while SEO pushes you up the Google search rankings. You get better visibility, and as a result, higher conversions. Managing your search rankings is not an easy task, though. It requires the skills and experience of the right freelancer.

Because SEO algorithms change periodically, a SEO specialist must be adept in using different kinds of tools to deliver strong results. SEO needs special training which can mean additional costs for your company if you decide to hire in-house. You need to pay for training and the time spent on it. The most efficient way to scale your SEO is to outsource and hire experienced SEO freelancers.

5. Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing is essential for every business, and involves many different tasks, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC. These and more can be outsourced to freelance online marketing experts.

These processes run based on a specific marketing strategy and automation is only a part of it. Online marketing takes more than persuasive content to be effective. You also need to work on the right timing for when it goes out to your audience.

A specialist who is experienced in designing online campaigns across multiple channels can leverage your marketing efforts. They can be proficient in your preferred marketing software or use tools of their own. Automating your marketing campaigns improves lead
generation and increases sales conversions.

6. Social media Manager

In this tech-savvy age, social media has a bigger influence than you can imagine. Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube – name it, they have it. Ecommerce store owners cannot deny the sales conversions they get from posting videos, text, and images on social media every day.

Imagine going around Facebook, Twitter, IG, and then posting at least 2x daily. That would take up too much of your time. Good thing you can always outsource it to an experienced social media freelancer. They know what’s trending in the social media world and are experts in creating content that will engage your audience.

7. Fulfillment VA

If you are running an eCommerce store, you understand the importance of managing inventory. There should always be enough items available to your customers when they order. At the same time, you cannot afford untouched stock. Balancing inventory may seem like a mundane task but it is work that needs special skill.

Hiring a fulfillment freelancer will help you in 3 areas.

First, they will take care of inventory management to make sure that you always have the right amount of inventory available. A skilled fulfillment VA knows when to move stock so it won’t result in you losing big bucks.

Second, they will track all your shipments to make sure that every order is fulfilled on time. A customer’s delivery experience can get you 5 stars or 1 star on customer reviews. This part plays a major role in their shopping experience and you need the best person to handle it.

Third, they will coordinate with suppliers to make sure that every item has the right labels and barcodes for shipping to Amazon. This will make your fulfillment process smoother and ensure that your customers get the right items every time.

8. Product Sourcing Expert

With stiff competition in the online marketplace, you always need to put up new offers for your customers to keep them coming back. You’ll be surprised at how willing they are to spend more money on you if you can offer them new quality products. Your business has to offer something that they cannot find in other stores.

Apart from managing inventory, you also need help in sourcing fresh products that will interest your customers. A product sourcing expert can take your ecommerce business to a whole new level. These freelancers are market savvy and have a keen eye for products that sell. If you can get one as early on as possible, you can expect more loyal customers and ramped orders in the holiday season.

9. Customer Service

Today’s online shoppers are very critical about customer service. Order issues, exchange requests, and refunds are some factors that affect reviews. If you are looking to build a business online, you have to take care of your reviews because they can make or break your business.

It is quite a bit of work to keep your customers happy and loyal to your brand. Hiring a customer service freelancer who is experienced in handling customer queries professionally is always better than doing it yourself – an already overwhelmed business owner. By getting an expert to help you, you are building an opportunity to strengthen your network of loyal customers and expand through recommendations.

10. Remote Project Manager

Most of the freelancers you are looking to hire are stationed remotely. Why? Because hiring a skilled remote freelancer is cost-efficient and gets the work done. These eCommerce tasks need to be done every day, and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the orders, shipments, tracking, and customer issues in between.

Hiring a project manager that has a high success rate in handling remote eCommerce freelancers might be a good idea. As your business grows, your work as an owner gets more difficult. A project manager can help get things off your plate and let you focus on more important engagements.

Lessen the Risk of Failure by Outsourcing Tasks

The biggest challenge for start-up entrepreneurs is facing the fear of failure. There is always room for trial and error, but the question is – how much are you willing to risk?

Outsourcing eCommerce tasks is not a gamble, but one of the smartest moves you can make.  Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer. Will the benefits cover the cost of hiring them (which, is by the way, less expensive than hiring permanent workers)? You decide.

Hire Only From the Best

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